Administrative Office of the Court’s Judicial Summer Camp 2009!!

While court employees suffer through court layoffs and furloughs, it’s nice to know that the AOC will be spending tax payer dollars wisely.  How wisely?  Well, how about we take a tour of the Dolce Hayes Mansion Resort and Spa, also known as the place where new judicial officers will be getting their training this year.  Or as I like to call it, Judicial Summer Camp 2009!

This is the Dolce Hayes Mansion resort and spa.  The first thing new judges will learn is that this resort is swankier than any courtroom they’re going to find themselves presiding over.  So they better enjoy it!

And what can the judges expect in terms of accommodation?  Well, according to the hotel’s website judges will have nothing to worry about.

“In your hotel guest room or suite, you will be surrounded by classic touches and the most contemporary amenities.  Lush bedding and natural lighting achieve the perfect balance of style and comfort.  Everything you need is within reach to provide a sanctuary for work or relaxation.”

Oh, and I don’t think that woman is a judicial officer.  Yeah.  I’m pretty sure of that.


Okay, ladies and gentlemen.  Today we’re going to discuss how best to use court resources in a time of budgetary crisis.  But first, should I have them serve tea and cake?

Awww….did you have a stressful day in judicial class today?  I know.  It was the class on mandatory sentences for drug offenses, wasn’t it?  Well, don’t you worry.  A nice massage in the spa will set you right.

And if the judges are still stressed out after their spa treatments, well they can always take a relaxing dip in the hotel pool.  After all, the Dolce Hayes Mansion will be able to help judges relax as well as work.

If you are here to work, we will make your work space as pleasant and productive as possible and then help you seriously unwind at the end of the day.  On the other hand, if you are with us to simply rest, relax or get into a good book, our friendly, comfortable setting will make it easier than you ever dreamed possible.  In any case, our professional staff is ready to respond to your every need.

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