AOC on Judgepedia

I wanted to direct readers to this site about the AOC on Judgepedia recommended by a reader who posted a comment about it.  Lots of interesting tidbits about the AOC there.  One little nugget of info really caught my attention.

The AOC has more than 900 employees.

Nine hundred employees!!!  Send in your best how many AOC employees does it take to change a light bulb joke if you’ve got ’em.

3 responses to “AOC on Judgepedia

  1. The real question is now many people does it take to put together a website that is filled with inaccuracies and innuendo…….One

  2. – Approximately 1/3 of AOC’s 900 employees make more than $100k

    – the AOC plans to spend $1.2 billion for CCMS. They have spent over $400 million on the project and have no idea of where the balance will come from. It appears the AOC’s funding strategy was to spend as much as it had on the system and then go to the legislature and argue that all of that money would go to waste unless the state gave them the money to finish the project.

    – I recently heard (unable to confirm) the AOC head honchos are trying to get hundreds of millions from Homeland Security to finish CCMS. This project started in 2003. It is now 2009. What does that say about the initial decision by the AOC to go forward with this project when it knew it did have the funding? Unlike AIG, I hope the feds decide CCMS is not too big to fail.

    – This has been floating around for years

  3. The correct answer is zero. The facility is closed and kept in darkness in the interest of not diverting funds from AOC priorities.