Newspaper Editorial Demands Audit of the AOC

Here’s a rule of thumb that should hold up in good times as well as bad: Any time a government agency doubles its budget in five years, do an audit.

California’s Administrative Office of the Courts, which runs the largest court system in the nation, is a case in point. As staff writer Howard Mintz reported in Sunday’s Mercury News, the office’s $220.4 million budget is drawing fire in light of spending cuts in the courts themselves, which are closing one day a month — a pattern that will have real costs for Californians caught up in civil and criminal cases.

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8 responses to “Newspaper Editorial Demands Audit of the AOC

  1. For years, the Legislature and interested parties have struggled to gain a clear picture of the AOC bureacracy and it’s spending. It’s safe to assume that many feel that once the Legislature sends the AOC money it goes it to the great big black of hole of the unknown. I have heard Legislators chastise the AOC for being too opaque with the public’s money and have witnessed the AOC’s complete disdain for the public’s right to know how they spend taxpayer money. Oversight of the public’s money is a cornerstone of a democratic government. It is high time that an independent agency, such as the Bureau of State Audits, conduct a serious and meaningful audit of the AOC.

    • Inglorious Basterds

      Absolute power corrputs absolutely.” Since the AOC is operating along the tyrannical lines of absolute power over the state’s judicial system, its course of blatant secrecy as a governmental entity under the reigns of King George ultimately will lead to corruption and eventually its implosion. Unfortunately, it will be at the taxpayers’ expense. The sooner the legislature can reign in authority over the transparency of this agency, the lesser the eventual damage.

  2. WiseEmployee is right. Of course there is a need for a full audit of the AOC’s spending. But they will always cover up and wait for the storm to blow over. Neither will the truth of the audit ever come out. The problem with the AOC’s spending practices has to do with its management and oversight. AOC management has total control and there is no oversight. They tell the public only what they want to the public to know (and fire or publically criticize those that tell the truth). That is the same way they treat the Legislature (and unfortunataly the Legislature lets them get away with it). You speak with one voice (their voice) or you don’t speak at all. Until there is real oversight of the AOC’s practices, errant conduct will continue. The current Judicial Council only pretends to provide oversight. Change is needed to restore public confidence.

  3. Inglorious Basterds

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

  4. Sounds as though PacWest50 is quite familiar with the way the AOC conducts itself. I’ve spoken to several individuals who had the same reaction about the AOC covering until the storm blows over. Such a shame that so many ranging from judges to employees and legislative staff have the same reaction and have no confidence in the AOC. The culture of secrecy and maintaining power at all costs is just vulgar. The AOC runs the Judicial Council, if you ever attend a Judicial Council meeting and are familiar with the AOC staff and judiciary issues, the manipulation and intentional misleading of Judicial Council members is apparent. It is clear to me that many who serve on the Judicial Council are either uninformed or misinformed by AOC staff. A shame among many shameful behaviors.

  5. Inglorious Basterds – Unfortunately, the AOC has already shown signs of corruption and at present are on the path to implosion. Let’s just hope the implosion leads to reform and real accountability – for the public’s sake!

  6. Inglorious Basterds

    Billions in taxpayer dollars at the hands, and mercy of the narrow-minded few holding their interests above the good of the many.

    I submit that the AOC will attempt to make a plethora of their employees exempt with exorbitant increases in pay, while still demanding that trial courts make cuts in operations and staff.

    How the AOC can publicly cry poverty out of one side of its mouth, while spending over a billion for a worthless PC upgrade, significantly beefing up its own staff, while demanding others that they must “sacrifice” out of the other side of its mouth is doublspeak.

    The public must demand that BSA fully audit the AOC.

  7. Inglorious Basterds

    Anyone say… Judicial (AOC) reform? Since we are living in an era of perpetual governmental “reforms” under the Schwarzenegger administration, this “reform” should be included in the agenda.