Tell Me More: AOC Hiring Freeze Exemptions

Tell me more about this hiring freeze exemption process of yours AOC.  What is it?  How does it work?  Who created this process?  What are the guidelines for the exemption process?  How many departments have utilized this process? And for once will you please tell us whether you do have a hiring freeze or not?  Don’t give

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about AOC, I’ll refer you to this post by reader wendydarling.

When the AOC implemented its so called “hiring freeze” it also issued directions to all of the Directors of the various AOC Divisions on how to get around the hiring freeze with an internal “exemption” process.  So along with requesting information from the State Controllers office on the number of new hires at the AOC despite this illusionary hiring freeze,the Daily Journal may might want to consider doing a Public Records Act request from Vickrey and the AOC for the number and kind of “exemptions” the AOC did/has done since February of 2008 to “get around” the impression of having a hiring freeze.  Don’t be surprised, however, it the AOC claims the Public Records Act doesn’t apply to them should the Daily Journal make such a request.

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I certainly hope you read this post Amy Yarbrough and you’re ready to go fishing for more information from the AOC.

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  1. AOC representative today called the court closure a “gift” to the trial courts by helping them save money. Yes a gift! I didn’t hear wrong bc he said it many times. Thanks AOC for closing the doors of justice. That’s got to be the best gift ever!


    pit bull
    can you tell us who said it was a gift?