Welcome To The AOC New “Temporary” Employee

demotivatorsTeamworkMm-mm-mm.  Guess which government agency that oversees the superior courts in California just hired another temp in their Human Resources Division? I think we all know the answer to that.

My friend Themis tells me that the AOC has hired another temporary employee who has been placed under the command of one of the newly hired HR Senior Managers. A Senior Manager who has the rather impressive title of “Senior Manager of Classification and Compensation.” Themis also tells me that this temporary staff analyst has been assigned to handle “Special Projects” under the “Senior Manager of Classification and Compensation.” The move has left everyone in the HR Division scratching their heads as to what “Special Projects” this temporary employee will be in charge of.

But if I were this newly hired temporary employee, I wouldn’t be too worried about job security. Afterall, the AOC approved for “transfer to regular employee status” a previous temporary employee and made her a Senior Analyst after just two months.  Oh, and guess who allegedly recommended this new temporary employee that’s been placed in charge of  “Special Projects?”  That’s right.  The very same two-month employee who got promoted by the AOC to Senior Analyst.

At this point I think we can declare the AOC’s “hiring freeze”  officially melted.

9 responses to “Welcome To The AOC New “Temporary” Employee

  1. sounds like AOC took cues from how San Mateo County Superior Court hires & promotes their cronies … way to go AOC!!! no wonder San Mateo County Superior Court has a $3.98 million deficit — “it’s who you know, not what you know”

    • I am surprised your pseudonym is 4 happy faces. You post a nasty comment without a factual basis in such a manner that your message is lost and the bitterness you display reflects poorly on you personally. 4 crying faces would have been more appropriate.

  2. interested observer

    Maybe the “Special Projects” are how to get all temporary employees permanent status and work around the hiring freeze.

  3. Maybe the Daily Journal should make a Public Records Act request of the AOC for a copy of the AOC’s “temp contract” that is with the temp agency that currently holds that vendor contract. Exactly how big is that contract? How much is it funded for that the AOC is continuing to hire and use temp employees under this contract? How many temp employees are currently employed at the AOC under that temp contract? How many other temp employees have been “transferred” to regular employee status at the AOC? How much money is the AOC spending every month on these temp employees? And how does hiring new temp employees match up with the AOC’s touted claim of having a “hard” hiring freeze? Or any real hiring freeze at all for that matter?

    Just unbelievable.

  4. Wendy Darling –

    Unlike other public agencies, the AOC is not subject to the Public Records Act.

  5. Wise Employee: You might want to check the provisions for the PRA applicable to the AOC that were included at the last minute in the recent budget bill signed by the Governor. Additionally, the AOC has previously claimed that it “volunatarily” complies with the PRA, you know, as part of the AOC’s claim for “transparency.”

  6. Is the AOC still using Ernesto Fuentes’ ( HR Director) wife’s temp agency to hire these new “temps”? It was so convenient before. Only didn’t one of the temps make off with like $100,000. in travel reimbursements under Mr. Fuentes’ watchful eye?

    Yeah, another stone worth turning over AOC Watcher.

    • Did anyone comply with reporting responsibilities regarding this alleged theft, or was the act mysteriously forgiven?

  7. How or where would one send documents to be viewed by the host for possible posting?