Guess Who Made The Society Pages???

dd-symphgala11_f_0500576187Imagine my surprise when I happened upon this photo of Justice Ronald George on the home page of the San Francisco Chronicle.  This photo of the justice and his wife was taken at the gala opening of the San Francisco Symphony Thursday night.

Is it just me, or is there something slightly off kilter about having Justice Ronald George’s (you know my nickname for him) photo splashed on the society pages of the San Francisco Chronicle?  Especially when the photo seems to depict our Justice celebrating at an exclusive affair when next week California Superior Court employees will see the official rollout of court closures throughout the state that will result in cutbacks, hiring freezes, furloughs, and in some cases, planned layoffs.

Perhaps I’m making too much of it, but I think it makes him look a wee bit insensitive.  It seems to me that in these uncertain times Justice George should take every advantage not to be seen in the public eye “partying” when court employees face drastic changes to their lives.  Photos like these definitely don’t do anything for morale.

8 responses to “Guess Who Made The Society Pages???

  1. I have no quarrel with King George attending the symphony (it is common knowledge that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth), I agree it is distasteful considering his “leadership” in furloughing every court employee in the state; however in the overall picture this is minor.

    Having his picture taken at the symphony is another issue altogether. Wouldn’t this be a violation of judicial ethics? Lending the prestige of the position and court for a private enterprise? I pose this as a question because I honestly don’t know the answer. Anyone have an answer?

  2. I find it hard to believe that attending a fundraiser to preserve the arts would be a violation of ethics. Too much ado about nothing.

  3. When asked about court employee’s He was heard to say.

    “Let them eat cake.”

  4. At first blush, I thought this all rather silly i.e. the picture being an ethical issue. But on fruther reflection, one wonders what the CJP will do. Many in the state knows that they opened inquiries when judges pictures were used to sell the Daily Journal as a source for information for lawyers about judges. A number of judges were contacted and had to defend themselves from the aggressive reach of CJP. Will the Chief get a similar inquiry? One has to doubt it.

  5. H. Sanders: Surely, you jest with respect to the Marie Antoinette reference….

  6. I agree, the Chief should keep a lower profile while thousands of judicial branch employees are hurting due to the budget crisis and court closures. Go ahead and go do your do your thing but please, avoid having your attendance at black tie, expensive galas, parties, etc. schmeared all over the paper. Of course it is the appearance of the “let them eat cake” attitude, that is the problem, not the attendance. The guy needs to attend a management 101 course.