Tell Me More: Embezzlement Case At The AOC?

One reader submitted a comment alluding to an embezzlement case at the AOC involving a temporary employee hired by the AOC.  I also got an email on this topic from another reader who  said that the temporary employee had allegedly embezzled $100,000 from the AOC and that the AOC had not reported the former employee to the police.  This is definitely news to me as I’m sure it is to many other readers.  If there are any people out there who want to share what they know about this, feel free to leave comments on this post.

8 responses to “Tell Me More: Embezzlement Case At The AOC?

  1. Embezzlement at the “fully and always compliant” California Administrative Office of the Courts??????? You have to be kidding me!

    What about the inherent conflict of interest that exists with an HR Director conducting AOC business with his wife’s temporary agency (if that is the case? Are we all missing something here??????

    One wonders if the appropriate conflict of interest papers, which are required of an HR Director, (the last time I checked) declared this conflict; that is, if one exists???????

    The conflict of interest document is open to public access and can be easily checked. Where are the news guys, who should be hungering for such news when one needs them?

  2. where is the Audit Department with it’s new Senior Manager? You know, the one that has posters all over the place asking for help in ferreting out waste, fraud, and abuse?

  3. Just Call Me Snaky

    Beating Back the Snakes of Alleged Embezzlement, Conflict of Interest, and Lack of Confidentiality

    I, too, am very interested in learning more about the alleged embezzlement and gross conflict of interest allegedly engaged in by one Famoso “Parading around as an HR Practitioner” Flentes.

    Famoso P. Flentes has been known to boast of having some pretty dangerous snakes crawling around in his closet. Therefore, I am one of those sneaky, chicken hearted, underhanded, evasive employees who will not reveal my real name. After all, I do still have to work here.

    About lack of confidentiality……., Famoso was quoted to me as describing to a subordinate how the subordinate’s former manager reacted to the manager’s termination a few years back. Famoso was quoted as telling the former manager’s subordinate that the former manager “Went crying to the Director of the Office of the General Counsel for help.” Allegedly, Famoso even attempted to mock the distress in that former manager’s voice when Famoso described how the former manager pleaded with the OGC Director for her assistance.

    According to that subordinate, Famoso told him the manager had been “fired for bad mouthing Famoso’s atrocious behavior during HR Division staff meetings and discussing another subordinate’s confidential matter with another employee.” I am reminded of that old saying, “What is good for the goose is good for the gander.” That does not and never will apply to Famoso and those who continue to coddle him and look the other way when Famoso behaves atrociously. Who are the coddlers? You guessed it, none other than the AOC’s executive director and his assistant executive director.

    But then again, a gross lack of confidentiality, allegations of embezzlement drizzling with conflict of interest, and dangerous snakes, which I am sure can be found in all of Famoso’s and a select few of his close associates’ closets, tend to go hand in hand at the AOC.

    In the midst of all of this, I understand that HR Division employees have been directed to, once again, to sign confidentiality statements. Is that legally binding? Maybe Famoso can research that for us and get back to us with the answer?

    Watch out! Where’s my bat? The snakes are loose again!

  4. A Concerned Tax Payer

    Let me say first that my heart goes out to furloughed court employees and the public regarding court closures.

    Secondly, I realize that $100,000, or whatever the alleged embezzeled amount was quoted as being, may not be a lot of money to some in these days of ongoing budgetary crises. However, as a concerned tax payer, I can not help but wonder, will anyone be held to the responsibility to investigate, decision make about the next step, and report to someone in authority if there was or was not embezzlement and conflict of interest on the part of Famoso P. Flentes? Is that his real name?

    Can anyone who participates in this blog respond to my concerns?

    • Famoso P. Flentes is not his real name. Just Call Me Snaky could provide you with his real name.

      I hear that there was an investigation of that embezzlement by Federal Authorities. Sorry, but I have no way to confirm that.

      Some AOC employees fill out a conflict of interest form, but I think HR is the unit at the AOC that keeps that information. So if someone very high up in HR doesn’t fill out that form, who will follow up? Probably no one.

      If you’d like to find out who the HR director is:

      Type in HR director in the search window and you will get your answer.

      I would think that writing a letter to legislators about your concerns is something that could be done.

      The more letters Sacramento gets about issues, the more likely they are to act on it. Maybe that’s a bit naive on my part, tho.

  5. Click to access NR-43-05.PDF

    State employees are not secret agents. This is all public information. Pat Sweeten (Alameda) was the temporary head of HR before Ernesto Fuentes. Sadly for AOC employees, the division has been a cesspool of disaster for years.

  6. “The Embezzlement”, as is being called, is indeed scandalous, but is however just a very small drop in the very well covered up HR bucket . There are many secret lawsuits, former non- employees still on payroll and deep dark investigations pending, since Fuentes took his thrown.

    Keep digging, you will find a plethora of facts.

  7. Just Call Me Snaky

    It’s too bad someone has not “thrown” Fuentes, oops, I mean Flentes, and his compañeros out the door. But then again, where there is rot and stink in the higher stratospheres of the AOC, there must be even more rot and stink among those reporting to the upper crusts; namely, Vickrey and Overholt.

    This is typical behavior of individuals whose mantra has been, “We can do what whatever we want to do.” Their behavior has gone unchecked for so long, they actually believed they could do whatever they wanted to do. But it looks like those days of doing whatever they want to do are over.

    The snakes have begun to stir again after the last beating. But, let’s keep the pressure on those geezers.