Rumor Has It: Is The AOC On The Hunt For AOC Watcher and Its Commenters?


It should come as no surprise to anyone that regularly reads this blog to know that I am not a fan of the AOC. It should also come then as no surprise that the reverse would also be true. The AOC is not a fan of the AOC Watcher. How do I know the AOC is not a fan of mine?

The AOC regularly sends out an email that includes headlines and links to various stories that focus on the judiciary and the AOC. They call this their “E-News.” When this blog first began the AOC included a piece that was in the Daily Journal’s online blog called the Legal Pad in which they described the creation of the AOC Watcher. Well, as Cheryl Miller writes for the Daily Journal, somebody at the AOC read the post and realized that the attention I lavish on the AOC is not of the fawning and gushing variety. They sent out an email recalling the E-News they sent out that mentioned the AOC Watcher and then they sent out a second E-News in which any mention of the AOC Watcher was stricken. Gee…was it something I said?

Then I received rumors that the AOC was clamping down hard on its staff and had ordered its IT department to begin monitoring keystroke activity as well as keeping track of employees who were checking their private emails.  The IT department was also rumored to be monitoring all forwarded emails and to whom those emails were forwarded.

Now I’ve gotten another doozy of a rumor that says that the AOC’s Executive Office and its Office of the General Counsel paid a visit to the CHP offices located within the same building that houses the AOC’s San Francisco offices. And why did they pay a visit to the CHP? Well, if the rumor is to be believed, the AOC wanted the CHP to use its law enforcement authority to obtain the IP internet addresses of the AOC Watcher as well as those people that have been posting comments. The AOC then wanted the CHP to figure out who the IP addresses belonged to and then turn the names over to them. Supposedly the CHP declined their invitation to participate in their witch hunt.

All of this rumored talk of the AOC on a witch hunt trying to figure out who the AOC Watcher is leaves me wondering exactly how much taxpayer money the AOC is spending on this fishing expedition.  Really?  A piddly little blog read by a few is a threat to you?  Hmm…I guess I should be flattered.

As for you AOC Watcher readers, consider it a warning. Because even if Justice George in his speech on September 12th said, “All voices and constructive views are welcome as we develop policies to meet the challenges ahead,” the rumored actions the AOC has taken so far leads me to believe otherwise.

7 responses to “Rumor Has It: Is The AOC On The Hunt For AOC Watcher and Its Commenters?

  1. Denver Colorado

    If the AOC starts retaliating against employees for Web activity they undertake from home, particularly if it is during non-work hours, all hell will break loose. Trust me on this one.

  2. How good is this info? If solid, it is worthy of an investigation. If not, it may be rumor spread by AOC to chill 1st Amendment expression of speech. In either case, if true, it shows how worried they are about the truth coming out finally.

  3. I strongly suggest that if anyone does figure out who AOC WATCHER is or even might be that under no circumstances should this information be shared with anyone and that includes the closest of friends.

  4. Just Call Me Snaky

    If the AOC witch hunters would stick to hunting snakes (beginning at the top and working their way down), the majority of the problems that they perceive they have with their employees would vanish.

    It’s the snakes and their coddlers you AOC hunters……., not the employees!

  5. Wow, sounds like they are pursuing a route that could lead them into civil and criminal liability. Trying to use the CHP to access IP addresses, gee I think it would require a judge to sign off on that Search Warrant. Who might want to do that job?

  6. Just Call Me Snaky

    We all know that our chief justice would not allow that now don’t we? Tee hee!

  7. Does anyone know if the CHP keeps records of such requests and whether they are obtainable via a freedom of information request?