Poll Question: Should the AOC continue to fund CCMS?

2 responses to “Poll Question: Should the AOC continue to fund CCMS?

  1. The Dragonryder

    I think the AOC should first try and figure out exactly what they want. In the past 8 years or so, they first tried to come up with “guidelines” and asked for information from vendors, then someone came up with the idea of having their own computer system. Sacramento installed the CCMS from the AOC, and rumor has it that the system doesn’t meet anyone’s needs. Additionally it doesn’t seem as though the AOC has taken the fact that each Judge in every county of the state wants something different. If the AOC doesn’t know what it wants, how in the world are they going to sell what they finally come up with to all the Judges???

  2. In 2002/2003 there was a case management system that passed all of the tests the AOC threw at it during the certification process but the AOC or whomever decided to make their own system. Here is the analogy. Instead of going to Staples and buying a ream of paper aka a case management system, the AOC/Judicial Council decided to go into the forest and cut down a tree; cut the tree into workable sections; chip the wood; squeeze the chips to get the pulp; bleach & wash the pulp; treat the pulp with many other chemicals to make the paper; pass it through rollers and then cut it up and make the paper which maybe will hold up. This has NEVER made any financial sense, except to perhaps a special few?