Court Closure Day Strikes Again


Okay, court employees. You’ve gotten an unpaid court holiday courtesy of the AOC. And although the idea of a day off sounds wonderful, (finally a day to run errands during the week when everyone else is at work) the thought of having it being an unpaid day off is….well…it plain sucks. Ain’t no pretty way of saying it. (There goes my chance of helping out the economy by buying a new flatscreen TV)

Still, a day off is a day off. So how did you spend your Court Closure Day? Leave a comment and tell other AOC Watcher readers what you did.

Oh, and if you want to voice your opinion on the court closures courtesy of the AOC, feel free to do so.

2 responses to “Court Closure Day Strikes Again

  1. Today, employees from several areas of the state are meeting with their local legislators about the court closures, the budget problems, the upcoming hearing and how CCMS works or doesn’t work.

  2. SEIU,

    I’ll see you at the hearing on the 28th.