Sacramento Bee Investigates the AOC’s CCMS Program and Finds Problems


All I’m going to say is that most of the problems with CCMS reported in the Sacramento Bee’s investigation into CCMS has already been said by plenty of commenters here. Yet the more attention that the AOC receives for its handling of CCMS the better off we’ll all be. Click the link below to read the entire article.

An effort to create a centralized computer system for California’s state courts, originally conceived as a modest upgrade in a few counties, now faces total costs approaching $2 billion and is years away from large-scale implementation, an investigation by The Bee has found.

The project has ballooned in scope and costs since its 2001 inception without the scrutiny other state computer systems face because the state Administrative Office of the Courts is not bound by the same project review requirements.

Amid California’s budget crunch, which has closed state courts one day a month, the computer project jumped into the spotlight. A state Assembly committee will hold a hearing this week to review overall spending growth at the courts’ administrative office. The governor’s technology watchdog also is evaluating the computer project.

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4 responses to “Sacramento Bee Investigates the AOC’s CCMS Program and Finds Problems

  1. Wow. An excellent job by this reporter, especially given the lack of information about budget that the AOC still refuses to come up with. It is a little amazing that they could not provide past budget information – or is it?

    Kudos to those few who tried to point out the problems early on before the hundreds of millions were already spent. But the spending goes on without regard for the consequences. When will the adults finally take this all over and bring a little sanity. Is it too much to ask?

  2. I’m thoroughly disappointed in the article. It didn’t dig deep enough, really. Where are the hard questions? Who allowed the sole source contracts? Why is the AOC not held to bid processes and allowed to fabricate any contract they see to fit their needs? Where is the independent audit on the Finance division? How many outsourced personnel from various agencies are still working on this system when it’s supposed to be on the shelf? With a budget deficit looming, why were so many positions for ccms put out to bid in the final months of the fiscal year? The Sac Bee article barely scratched the surface.

    • chelsey… To answer at least one of your questions, Sheila Calabro approved the sole source contract. She hired “Reggie” (a former Deloitte employee) to manage the CCMS project. As part of his job, “Reggie” negotiated the contract with Deloitte and, I might add that if you look at the SOW, he negotiated in Deloitte’s favor. Despite the scrutiny and many valid objections by AOC staffers who are involved in the CCMS project but do not work for the AOC’s Southern Regional Office, the contract was accepted by the team at SRO. Shortly after negotiating the contract, “Reggie” left the AOC.

  3. The brand new notice on the break room bulletin boards at the AOC spells out why the obvious was never looked into roberta.

    “California’s Judicial Branch of Government is exempt from the California Whistleblower Protection Act”

    I wonder how our state legislature and governor feel about that new notice.