Tell Me More: To Shred or Not To Shred

Shredded_PaperI’ve been receiving information from followers of Themis that deep within the walls of the AOC Death Star the Imperial shredders are working overtime shredding documents.  And as is so often said by those reporting on incidents with no further information, I can neither confirm nor deny that these rumors are true.  But if you know more, you know where to reach me.

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  1. This seems as good a place as any.

    Since it appears that the AOC has exempted itself from the state whistle blower laws is it possible that an employee could be protected by the federal whistle blower laws?

    AOC seems to derive a lot of money from the feds, wouldn’t make sense that the feds would then be interested if their funding was being inadequately overseen and spent?

  2. Bingo dewey! You win the prize for hitting the mark! Just wait and see. The AOC only thought they had problems.

  3. I don’t know if anyone is shredding documents, but I can tell you the manure is indeed about to hit the fan. For better or worse, AOC Watcher has become the whistle blower protection that hundreds of dedicated AOC employees – from past to present – never had. A few examples of why the simmer is turning to a boil:

    1.The agency instituted a voluntary furlough program in January 2009 that took money away from participating employees, from the lowest salary range to the highest. It was reported here elsewhere, but management did quietly give promotions to select employees in 2009 and continued to make new hires and contract with consultants. Yes, the non-management employees agreed to give up a portion of their salary voluntarily, but they did so under a genuine belief that their sacrifice was solely to support the courts and the AOC. Very few people at the AOC would have supported the VFL program for non-management employees if they knew that select promotions and hires might simultaneously take place.

    2.A very valuable employee was encouraged to retire because he deigned to send a fax to a newspaper detailing the costs for a council meeting. If the management of the AOC had any skills regarding proper employment practices, they would have worked with the employee rather than having him mysteriously disappear like an old slave who dared to complain to his master.

    3.There are several people who have not been promoted in years and they are getting tired of seeing people be made supervisors or managers who are not qualified to supervise, or they were chummy with somone in HR (also, see #5).

    4.There is one regarding a consultant that I can’t reveal now, in regards to CCMS and the legislative hearing, but it’s mind-blowing and extremely embarrassing. There are several AOC employees who can corroborate the details.

    5.There are managers and supervisors at the AOC who do not manage or supervise employees. A director recently said – in front of an entire division mind you – managers and supervisors do indeed have to manage programs and people. But that is clearly not the case and there are hundreds of employees who can confirm and identify examples of managers and supervisors who don’t supervise anyone, in multiple divisions. And this director is a lawyer. It’s embarrassing!

    I could go on and on, and I probably will. As for the hearing, all I have to say is … everything was exposed. (Bill V. is a nice guy, does support the courts, but he is a horrible manager and he may not be the best leader for the present.) MD and SN are very valuable employees and they were thrown on stage only because the other panelists were not prepared. Sheila “Stumbling Bee” Calabro is a pushy blowhard who only focuses on benefits for the courts in her region (and she could frankly care less how much it costs. The oft-mentioned $100 million sole source contract with Deloitte will come around to bite Sheila in the ass, hard).

    Justice will be served. People will speak the truth here if they cannot do it where they work.

  4. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    The force is strong from deep within the deathstar dewey. The force is that of Jedi Knights.

    Jedi Knights work within the Galactic Empire’s deathstar.

    They work in concert with the federal New World Order and the legendary starkiller across the street from the deathstar as well as both branches of the New Republic in Sacramento.

    Both have documented, recorded and captured much before the cover-up began. They have the support of more than fifty employees at the deathstar who have supplied them information and continue to cooperate with them to promote change.

    The other two branches of New Republic have learned much about the inner workings of the deathstar from both Jedi Knights and much about the galactic empire has been shared with the New World Order’s starkiller.

    3.8 billion dollars a year in public funds buys tremendous amount of influence in the Galactic Empire. Through various MOU’s the amount of undeclared public funds transferred to the deathstar is even greater. The New World order is cognizant of this and is working off a map more than 8 years old that started with another concerned state employee more than 1,800 miles away.

    Meanwhile, the New Republic works behind the scenes pressing the issues of accountability, transparency, fact finding and whistleblower protection after being provided mounds of evidence.

    To those that judge, sit at council and stand in alliance with the Galactic Empire:

    The benefits extended to you by the galactic empire are many. You rely on the empire and the good people that work there to provide you needed services and resources.

    Those good people do not seek the loss of their employment for protecting you and the people of the State of California.

    They seek is legislation that would open all records under the public records act so that fraud, waste and abuse can be better demonstrated.

    A rule of court is insufficient.

    Public Law is necessary.

    Sunshine does wonderful things.

    They seek the protections afforded them under the California Whistleblowers Protection Act that is being denied them by the Galactic Empire.

    A rule of court is insufficient

    Public law is necessary.

    Sunshine does wonderful things.

    Over all else, those good people who work from within the deathstar seek an independent auditor that works outside of the AOC’s chain of command to provide the necessary checks and balances that our forefathers envisioned because hundreds of state and federal laws are being violated and millions of dollars are being wasted under the auspices of the deathstar being above public law

    A rule of court is insufficient.

    Public Law is Necessary.

    Sunshine does wonderful things.

    This year, employees gained additional legal protections provided by the New World Order.

    Public Law was required and passed.

    With the AOC being the recipient of American Reinvestment & Recovery Act funds, they became bound by federal New World Order regulation that overrides any exemption they may claim to state law.

    These Jedi Knights seek to demonstrate that no one is above the law.

    They and most employees seek sweeping legislation from the New Republic.

    They seek alliance with those that judge and sit at council to serve the courts for the benefit of all Californians. The alliance asks those that judge and sit in council start asking some hard questions of the deathstar’s executive leadership. The alliance requests that you compel those answers from them. The alliance asks that you compel change before its imposed upon you by the New World Order and the New Republic and you are damaged by association.

    Their authority to act is enshrined in U.S. code.

  5. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    My dear friend Family Guy,

    While AOC Watcher has become a substitute for the whistleblower protection , not all has been made public, not all has been revealed. In due time more will come known.

    Mr. Couch uncomfortably boasted to supervisors that AOC Watcher is beginning to infight and eat itself alive.

    On the contrary Mr. Couch, the AOC employees have come forward here to set the record straight so dedicated AOC employees can move on to serving the courts for the benefit of all californians.

    Morale at the deathstar is at an all time low due to the distractions caused by mis-management of events and situations.

    The employees of the AOC demand a reasonable sense of whistleblower protection and real investigations into wrongdoing.

    Failing that, reports will continue to stream here, reports will continue to stream to the New World Order across the street from the deathstar and reports will continue to stream to the New Republic to demonstrate why change is not just necessary, change is imperative and change must begin today.

    Where public law fails to shine the light, new media and old media shall bring their own light.

    Welcome to the new AOC business model. The model inadvertently created by the AOC executive leadership by failing to provide real protection, real investigation and real results.

    Neither Goodness or Justice are achieved in a vacuum, but by the company and at the hands of well meaning men.

  6. Thank you Obi-Wan Kenobi. I will fiercely protect my family. A wise Jedi in our family, a true guardian of peace and justice, was destroyed by the Empire for speaking truth. There are many of us who have professional and capable colleagues, both internal and external, who are prepared to assist in the fight.

  7. I think we’re getting a little too truthful here.

    The most obvious problem that I have been ranting about for years is that Bill does not have anyone who provides him legal advice. He has a director who leads an entire division of attorneys, but no other director is brave enough to say — “hey Bill, do you mind if I ask OGC for some legal advice on something that just does not feel right?”

    You have no idea what transpires.

    Chief, do you know how your house is run?

  8. Lady Lawyer: Bill hasn’t exactly cultivated the bravery you say is needed. Not since the great Dale Sipes passed (GRHS) has anyone had the moxie to tell him what’s what. Instead, most directors and certainly most assistant directors fall all over themselves trying to find out what he wants so they move heaven and earth to give it to him. You’ve a culture of “yes men and women”.

  9. Fascinating. The human species can indeed evolve.

    I applaud this site. Much of what is happening here is proof of theory that has been championed by Bill (to his credit) on research done by Tom Tyler and other social scientists. Trust in organizations and decision-making authorities can begin to break down if you suppress elements of procedural fairness. Via a statewide survey, the council knows that the public felt strongly that they did not have enough of a voice (safe or otherwise) in the courts. I wonder if they know that AOC employees do not feel that they work in a safe place to express their voice. I have been working in CFCC for years, and I would not go into HR for any employment issue without a lawyer by my side.

  10. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    The Chief is smart enough to know that when a legislative investigative committee asks you some tough questions you can bet its because they’ve already reviewed evidence that points to some disturbing answers.

    We expect several high level retirement announcements by the end of the month.

  11. Jacques-Yves Cousteau

    “hey Bill, do you mind if I ask OGC for some legal advice on something that just does not feel right?”

    Can someone provide me an example when the head of OGC herself has done this? Or the two heads of EOP? The goons in HR? This is not a strong management team, and I hate to say it out loud.

    Why can’t Ron be the Chief Operating Officer? Bill’s sidekick is not a proper job description.

  12. Ironic, isn’t it? Bill can’t get legal advice.

  13. I agree EuniceX (nice name!). It has taken a while to be exposed, but the AOC runs very much like an inept army. You have intelligent soliders who are told to keep in line, but they see their superiors grovel before someone else who is higher in command who also may not be that on top of things. It gets further mixed up by fear of doing the wrong thing, an outsized deference to judicial officers, varying confidence across divisions, and confusion over what exactly the role of the agency is.

    These kinds of web sites are popular with soldiers, because they can vent about their officers and blow off steam. But ultimately, the army only gets in trouble when there is a major breach. The AOC is not an army — it cannot demand professional excellence but treat people as if they are replaceable soldiers.

  14. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    I think the better question is:

    Chief, since you are up for re-election next year, do you care that your house is being mis-managed? You were smart enough to stay away from the hearings. Are you smart enough to look into and clean up AOC operations before the mess unfolds under a public light because the AOC fires whistleblowers?

    Chief, your first task should be to reinstate the two whistleblowers that the AOC fired this past year, grant audience to any whistleblower to understand the nature of the complaint without it being white-washed by the AOC and commission independent investigations and independent audits on every complaint.

    This is where transparency and accountability are the rubber that meets the road Chief.

    It’s time to walk the talk.

  15. Hey, Jacques-Yves, you say there are 2 heads of EOP? That might surprise at least one of them, don’t you think? If and when he wakes up?

  16. formerAOCtechie

    I’m a former AOC employee who left many years ago after working there for @10 years. I definitely fall into #3 on Family Guy’s list. I couldn’t get promoted to save my life in spite of praises for exceptional work and credentials while other people had new management positions created expressly for them to be promoted into, never mind continual new consultants being hired.

    Many people told me I didn’t have a chance at promotion since I wasn’t very good at toeing the AOC management party line. I was quite vocal in my disagreement on how and how much money the AOC was spending. I saw every tenet of best software development standards completely ignored and/or undone by management, it was completely demoralizing. Eventually, I found myself overwhelmed by management’s incompetence and left at which point I felt AOC stood for Administrative Office of the Consultants.

    I really feel for the people in the courts, the clerks and staff and judges who are on the front lines serving the public, they all deserve better.
    I still have many friends at the AOC who are all hard-working and dedicated but they feel helpless. They’ve felt helpless for years.

    Kudos to AOC Watcher and everyone else for having the guts to put this information out there. If things don’t change at the AOC now, I don’t know that they ever will but I sincerely hope they do, for everyone’s sake.

  17. We need to hear more, a lot more, from AOC techie.

    Perhaps someone can contact him to get names, dates, and activities?