Court Closure Day: Strike Three!


Welcome to the third court closure day brought to you courtesy of the California Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC). That’s the AOC, folks. Where we believe in funding buildings and computer software, but not the people to run them. And where we believe serving the public, means shutting our doors to those who most need our services. That’s right. We’re the AOC.  And if you think we’re doing a bang up job now, wait till next year!!

3 responses to “Court Closure Day: Strike Three!

  1. The latest report is that California will be in the hole 21 billion dollars next year.

    Goodby to one court closure a month. Goodby to local reserves. Hello to CCMS and the bloated bureaucracy called the AOC.

    This is going to be a bumpy ride.

  2. Judge Maino

    I wonder if the clerks and supervisors in your court who will be required to work almost full time for 20 weeks on V-4 development and testing are required to take furlough days? When calculating the number of hours lost as a result of court closures/CCMS you need to include all that staff time spent designing and testing the system. Those employees are not available to assist judicial officers or the public as they sit in Santa Ana doing the consultants work for them.

    Please confirm with your CEO, but I do not think the statement above is a rumor.

  3. Thanks Moneywatcher:

    Staff time to learn CCMS has been a subject of discussion here in San Diego. We have asked and have never gotten an answer from our Chief Executive Officer.

    Thanks for reminding me. We have an election for a new Executive Board at the end of this month. As soon as I know who the new Board members are I will ask this question again…and again…and again.