Op-Ed Piece on AOC’s “Ludicrosity”

I just love it when people get to the AOC’s Mad Hatter tea party and discover just how crazy and insane things can be in the Wonderland that is the AOC. These newcomers to the party are just discovering the insanity that those who work within and with the AOC have known for years. The newest person to the party is columnist Lois Henry for the Bakersfield Californian whose incredulity at the AOC’s decision to issue raises in the midst of a budget crisis caused her to invent a word.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day to absorb all the ludicrosity (yeah, I made that word up) that abounds in California state government.

I’m back on the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), which has taken over operation of county courts in the last decade. And which came up with the brilliant (dripping sarcasm) idea of closing those courts one day a month in order to save money this year.

Now, I see they’ve been busy giving out raises to some of their 900 employees while continuing to pursue a $2 billion computer system and they’re pushing ahead with new courthouse construction.

Let us pause for a moment to mull the idea that the AOC was created to bring greater efficiencies to county court operations. It now has 900 employees, while our courts are closed one day a month, cases are backlogged and if we could fill our vacant judgeships, there’s no staff to run a courtroom.

Oh yeah, that smells like California style “efficiency,” doesn’t it?

Ludicrosity.  It may be made up, but it certainly defines the AOC to a tee.  You can read the rest of the column here.

4 responses to “Op-Ed Piece on AOC’s “Ludicrosity”

  1. justinianscode

    Ms. Henry gets it there in Bakersfield. Perhaps the Chief Justice and the Administrative Director of the Courts should spend some time working at a trial court in the Central Valley. About six months there would be an eye opener, I would think.

  2. Why isn’t the AOC based in the Valley? Sacramento would be much better than SF. I’m sure the perspective of those working for the AOC would be a little different away from the left leaning bent of the City. By the way, the email that Mr. Vickery sent to the judiciary last week trying to explain why the Recorder article about AOC raises was “misleading” made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Me thinks he doth protest too much.

  3. Mr. Vickrey is famous for his rambling long windedness. As others have blogged on the Watcher– thousands of words to say what could be said in a paragraph or two. Must be a rhetorical device? Overwhelm the opposition with verbiage and pretty soon they’ll just get bored and go away? Maybe it won’t work this time.

  4. I’d like to see one of those ballot initiatives surface right about now callling for a full audit of the AOC to be performed annually and openly starting immediately!

    You know, the same kind of initiative that the Chief, apparently, doesn’t like much and publicly criticizes?!