Justice George Discusses “Dysfunctional” Golden State

For those of you that missed it, Justice George was on the public radio show Forum with Michael Krasney this morning. I’m including a link to the audio here on the site so that AOC Watcher readers can hear it for themselves.

Recently on Forum:
Mon, Dec 28, 2009 — 10:00 AM
Chief Justice Ron George
We talk with California Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald George about why he believes the Golden State is dysfunctional and what can be done to fix it.
Host: Scott Shafer
– Ronald George, chief justice of the California Supreme Court

Click here for audio of interview with Justice George.

3 responses to “Justice George Discusses “Dysfunctional” Golden State

  1. This is almost too much for me to comprehend! I’m listening to the Chief’s radio interview while reading the Honorable Judge Horan’s article…which clearly points out some serious, serious issues of “dysfunction”….that a person would THINK the Chief would feel some kind of responsibility to “fix” it or, at the very least to address it….and yet….what is the Chief doing? I suggest he is working on his re-election campaign, instead! Is it just me, or is something terribly wrong when a person’s house is on fire…and they aren’t tending to it?

    (Paraphrasing here a bit)

    Actual radio call in question: Isn’t 12 years long enough to be Chief Justice?

    Chief’s on-air response: I believe you would lose a lot of expertise if a personal had to leave after 12 years.

  2. The Chief is entitled to his opinion. So are the voters of the State of California. The California Supreme Court upheld term limits for legislators so they truly did not care about expertise in that branch at the time. 12 years is long enough for a Chief Justice to learn how to manage and lead — it may be time to let some fresh air and new leadership move in.

  3. I agree with Mermaid and Claire. The Chief has begun his retention campaign. Several AOC spin doctors are probably already at work whipping up his talking points. It will be interesting to see how it plays out come November.