California’s Budget Mess Inspires Ballot Initiatives

Click here to read an interesting article in the NYTimes about how the budget crisis in the state is motivating people to put initiatives on the ballot. So far the count is 30 initiatives that deal with the budget alone for California voters to decide. Seems everyone that has an opinion on how things should be run has an initiative. And as we all know by now, paraphrasing a quote from Queen Victoria, Justice George is not amused.

One response to “California’s Budget Mess Inspires Ballot Initiatives

  1. Seems to me Chief Justice George’s stance on California’s disastrous referendum process, and its role in rendering “…our state government dysfunctional” (NYT article, Oct. 10, 2009) might be right on the mark. What I can’t understand is if the Chief’s vision is 20/20 on that target, why can’t he see what’s happening right in front of him at the AOC/JC, and the role those entities are playing in hamstringing California’s justice system?