Will the AOC Just Admit There’s No Hiring Freeze?

I mean really.  Could the AOC please do us all a favor and just admit that there is no hiring freeze or that it at least melts the freeze when it’s convenient for them?  What else are we supposed to make of the fact that now  they’ve posted the following to their website?

It’s good to know in this god awful economy SOMEBODY is hiring.  Even if hundreds of other court workers get laid off, the AOC must proceed full steam ahead oblivious to all rhyme or reason.  Nothing new to see here folks.

7 responses to “Will the AOC Just Admit There’s No Hiring Freeze?

  1. I would rather IS pay two consultants on a time- limited basis than give another dime to Deloitte Consulting. That firm has ripped off the State of California to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, and they could care less if the money dries up or if the project goes belly up. They will just find another money lake and drain it of every drop. If true, the bid of $900 million to deploy a software that they have not finished is criminal.

  2. And then there’s the numerous “temporary employee” positions (approximately 30 at the most recent count) the AOC is currently interviewing and hiring for through the AOC’s temp contract with Apple One. Those postions, channeled through the temp contract, never even show up on the AOC website or the job board for open recruitment. And while the AOC is crying about a lack of funds, apparently there is more than enough money to funnel to the temp contract and pay for these new “temp” positions. And if the AOC’s past history and track record is an indicator of future results with this newest batch of “temp” employees, chances are good that many of them will silently be phased into regular employee positions with the AOC sometime in the not-too-distant future.

    Anyone in the line staff of the AOC’s HR Division can tell you that the AOC’s “hiring freeze” has been a farce since day one. As with most things concerning the AOC, saying there is a hiring freeze doesn’t make it true. The farce of the AOC’s hiring freeze is just another variation of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

  3. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Temps and consultants are not employees. Every department is hiring at the AOC. You just have to figure out the creative ways they’re hiring. ISD-200905-RB reads between the lines as CCMS deployment technical analyst. ie Hiring consultants to manage other consultants projects.

  4. Nothing to get upset about – the “consulting” contracts will only cost the AOC between $376K and $500K/year. That really is not very much money when compared to the $900 million the AOC will be paying Deloitte. It is really all about perspective. If you start with the premise that $900 million is a reasonable sum to pay for deployment then a half-million here or there doesn’t really matter that much.

    If the AOC has to hire employees . . . err, I mean contract with consultants to deploy these systems, what is Deloitte getting paid to do?

  5. What is a consulting technical analyst? What do they do?

  6. Did anyone else read the job description? It took me a few minutes to find it. It is item #3, Work Requirements, found in Exhibit D of Attachment 2. I’m curious if others see the overall flavor to it that I see.