Judicial Wars: State Judges Spar Over Court Spending

Screen capture of news report on the battle between the Alliance of California Judges and the AOC and Judicial Council

Closing courts once a month might save money, but an alliance of more than 200 rebellious California judges said it is really costing citizens justice.

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3 responses to “Judicial Wars: State Judges Spar Over Court Spending

  1. Judge Goldstien, you rock. But I did not like how the news story portrayed most of the courthouses are being built in Northern California. LA was due to get funds to have several new courthouses built or refurbished. I am not sure what San Diego was up for on the list of new/refurbished courthouses. What they are not saying in this story is that many courthouses in Northern California do not have the simple things like lock ups for prisoners or secure routes to take them to court. So witnesses and the public are exposed to violent criminals on a day to day basis. Not to mention no jury assembly rooms, etc. etc. Sure I agree that the funds could be used elsewhere for now in this fiscal crisis but don’t single out the Northern California courts for the ones receiving funds for new/upgraded courthouse. Many So Cal courts are going to recieve these funds as well.

  2. Bench,Please

    San Diego is in the same situation with prisoner transportation and security issues, not to mention the asbestos problems.

    They are long overdue for upgrades as well.

  3. I think that courtflea’s comments were good. Every area of the state needs help and has different problems.

    My wish Re: Judge Goldstein’s interview as well as Judge McCoy, is that someone would respond to the lies from Puffman, Darth and the King and simply point out that this is not a difference of opinion, but in fact LIES. Yes the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court is a liar. Why do we always have to take he high road?