Sinking Economy Drags Courts Down with It

From the Contra Costa Times.

From the outside, the local courthouse may bring to mind images of “Law and Order” and “Perry Mason” – television dramas in which the participants generally behave with at least a modicum of decorum.

But in real life, all hell is breaking loose in Los Angeles County’s courtrooms.

Amid the flagging economy, judges have noticed a rise in shouting, brawls and other courtroom disturbances, according to the Superior Court’s 2010 annual report.

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3 responses to “Sinking Economy Drags Courts Down with It

  1. More from that article: “… the court system [i.e., the Judicial Council] has shifted funds from its case management system to help with the courts’ operating budgets.”

    That’s true. Then the Judicial Council voted to restore most of those funds by draining the Trial Court Trust Fund dry (to the tune of ~$68 million if I remember right).

    Tim Fall
    Judge, Yolo Superior Court

  2. courtwatcher

    I think it should also be remembered that the funds the AOC “used” to support the trial courts came from the Trial Court Improvement Fund and the Trial Court Mondernization Fund. The AOC spins the use of the these funds as if it was taking money from its own budget to help the poor trial courts. These funds are specifically established for use by trial courts and not to support the administriative operations of the AOC.

    It should also be remembered the only reason these funds were used is because the legislature required it. This was not the JC/AOC’s idea. Given the impact of the budget reductions on the trial courts, relying on these funds to support trial court operations seems like something the AOC should have proposed instead of waiting for the legislature to tell them to they needed to do.

  3. Equal Justice For All

    Why would so many people be angry? Gee I wonder? The exhorbitant fees? The increasing lines? Some judges engaging in “Fuzzy Law”. Many unhappy folks out there. The curious rulings from a few rogue judges don’t help matters any.. Time for new blood in this system.. Let’s start at the top.. And elections are coming…