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A discussion thread for all things related to the California Administrative Office of the Courts’ attempts to implement a state-wide computer system for all California superior courts.

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  1. Well! Nice to come back and see that the AOCWatcher did not expire. I was up late last night finishing an automated abstract of judgment form. I will be putting a copy up on my Web site ( this morning for testers to try. You will need Excel 2007 to run it. Since this is a group of people who want to see something done about the waste of money on CCMS, and this piece of software would be part of a good solution costing a tiny fraction of what CCMS has cost, I would be honored to have you act as my Beta testers. I had no alpha or Beta testers so far besides myself so I need testing of both functionality and the instructions to see if they are clear enough. Try it out and let me know what you think.

  2. The self-calculating Abstract of Judgment demo is up on the Web now. Please try it out.

    I realize from previous posts by various people that there are doubters out there. When I suggested a case data management system could be constructed in a couple of weeks, and it would run like a Swiss watch, I recall the reactions. And when I said it could be done and totally deployed to all 58 counties within a couple of months, given good cooperation, and done for $10 Million or less, I heard the guffaws.

    So doubters, after having looked at the demo of a self-calculating abstract of judgment (which is pretty damn complex underneath for a pile of reasons) are you seeing the light? Now you may begin to appreciate why I have been so frustrated with this whole CCMS situation. I have already created additional prototype components that, together, solve all of the problems publicly announced recently by Judge White in Sacramento. All of the confidentiality, local control, statistical analysis, formatting, compatibility, speed and other problems are solved.

    So now, if you really want to put an end to this horrific waste of money, it’s up to you. Get all over your elected representatives and others involved in this mess.

  3. For those who have followed the travails of the Sacramento County Superior Court, and Judge White’s complaints about law and motion calendars produced by CCMS not showing many of the cases that the court knows are on calendar, and have wondered how difficult it would be to create a system to accurately do it, the answer is that it’s done. The software is sitting on my computer right now and it will prepare such a calendar quickly and with 100% accuracy. And it didn’t cost hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of time to create it.

  4. Not Impressed

    Big whoop. It adds. Wow.

  5. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Here is another Deloitte Consulting project that remains in trouble and will cost somewhere around 30 million + 36 months to fix.

    We heard in December that it would be the fall of 2010 when CCMS was supposed to be finished.

    Fall is right around the corner.

    So some idiot will sign off on CCMS as being complete to indemnify our friends over at deloitte and to save face with some idiot executive over at the AOC.

  6. Just Sayin'

    @ComputerGeek, you clearly have a passion for what you do and your technical insight is appreciated within this forum. But, please, cease and desist with the soliciations.

    @O-WK, your sleuthing is always extremely thorough. Assuming you have Serranus access, note the last sentence of page 1 of the CCMS Executive Update distributed in March:

    • Obi-Wan Kenobi

      So Lucy already pulled the ball away from AOC Charlie Brown and bought another six months in the process.!

      Isn’t that just peachy.

      I missed that. Thanks!