Court Closures: And Then There Was One

It’s the last court closure that California courts will see for some time.  So, was it worth it all?  Did the AOC get everything it expected out of it?  Or does the fact that we aren’t seeing a repeat of court closures in the next fiscal year simply an indication that the AOC got the message that court closures were incredibly unpopular with the public?  Share your thoughts on the whole business in the comments section.

2 responses to “Court Closures: And Then There Was One

  1. Less Than Zero

    Now that we’re back to “normal” has anyone else noticed that there has been no discussion about restoring salaries?

    Oh yeah, that and the “rolling furloughs” that will be coming up for July and August.

  2. Taste of Realistic

    So, are you saying we are all back to “normal?” Last I checked we still have a bduget shortfall. Good time to aske for our automatic salary increases, huh?