Recap of Judicial Council’s July 22nd Meeting

A lot of people were holding out hope that the Judicial Council would heed the pleas and cries for help from trials courts suffering from a lack of staffing, reduced public hours, and not to mention depleted funds. Many, led by members of the Alliance of California Judges, continued to call for the shutdown of CCMS, a reassessment of the building of new courthouses, and deeper cuts to the AOC’s own budget.

The expression on Justice Tani’s face pretty much says it all.
You little people with your petty concerns BORE me.

Alas, all was for naught as the Judicial Council ignored the pleas of many judges and court staff. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

California judicial leaders voted Friday to pass along most of a $350 million state funding reduction to the courts, despite a plea from San Francisco’s chief judge and others to cushion the blow to trial courts by making deeper cuts in statewide administration.

Meeting in San Francisco, the Judicial Council, which allocates funds to the courts, unanimously approved reductions that are slightly less severe for Superior Courts in the 58 counties than for the rest of the judicial branch. Budget reductions for trial courts for 2011-12 will be 6.8 percent, compared with 9.7 percent for the state Supreme Court and appellate courts and 12 percent for administrative agencies.

To sum it up, the Judicial Council is continuing a tradition started by King Justice George of ignoring the needs of trial courts and the people they serve, while funding vanity projects that promote the falsehood that the AOC is needed in order to run the courts in California.

I had hoped that when Justice Tani became justice that things might change for the better. Or at least change to give the appearance that things would be fairer. But as I said in my previous post, the more things change, the more things stay the same.

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