The Personal and Financial Impact of Layoffs and Closure of Courtrooms

Ken Garcia of the San Francisco Examiner writes about both the financial and personal impact of the San Francisco Superior Court laying of hundreds of employees and shuttering courtrooms.

The personal:

“This building is in quite a state of distress,” said Patty Dowling, a court reporter for 28 years at the Hall of Justice who was one of the lucky ones to escape a pink slip. “Most of us spend their entire careers in the courthouse and we all know each other, so you can imagine why it’s been so traumatic.”

The financial:

Now that San Francisco has cut 200 judicial jobs, perhaps the AOC would be kind enough to offer some of them employment helping to close the black hole otherwise known as the California Court Case Management System, into which more than $1 billion in tax dollars have been dumped over the years, with almost nothing to show for it.

You can read the entire article here.

2 responses to “The Personal and Financial Impact of Layoffs and Closure of Courtrooms

  1. JusticeCalifornia

    CCMS and the court construction/maintenance projects appear to be conveniently murky hidey holes for top leadership’s millions in spare cash. How else do you explain AOC announcements that planned courthouses will cost many hundreds of millions one day, and (after public outcry) half that the next?

    Assemblymember Calderon is right– let’s get a comprehensive look at ALL of the AOC’s books.

  2. Full and complete audit from top to bottom imho. If there is nothing to hide, they shouldn’t have an issue with it but, as we all know, this isn’t quite the case now, is it?