Domino Watch: Alameda County Superior Court

The followers of Themis in Alameda Superior Court (ASC) have alerted me that layoff letters have been sent to court employees. The details are still a bit sketchy but it appears that ASC may be following San Francisco Superior Court’s lead in restructuring its civil division.  Initial reports are that those affected are clerks, court reporters, and court supervisors.  Total number of layoff notices sent is unclear at this time.

More news and details to come as they develop. Of course, if you know more about this, leave a comment.

10 responses to “Domino Watch: Alameda County Superior Court

  1. Wendy Darling

    Bill Girdner pondered this very issue today, as published on Courthouse News Service:

    Which One’s Next

    Long live the ACJ.

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  3. Love Judge Feinstein’s quote of being the first to go down but others will follow. I find it ironic and can identify. This is the link to last evening’s Which Way LA? interview of an ACJ Director

    Within the interview, the judge discusses ACJ members remaining anonymous for fear of retribution from the upper echilon of CA’s judicial system. I wonder what has occurred over the past several years that has allowed this situation to deteriorate to the point that even the defenders of the Constitution are fearful to speak? How can judges defend the Constitutional rights of others when they are fearful and feel they must speak anonymously to defend their own rights? There is much more Justice at Stake here, impacting more than just some court rooms closing.

  4. CEO Pat Sweeten has already demonstrated her ruthlessness in laying off employees rather than cutting elsewhere. Don’t forget, she worked for Ron O when he was CEO in Alameda and then he brought her to the AOC, and now she is back at Alameda and has been for some time. she has learned at the knee of the master, the Eve to Darth Vader.

    • One Who Knows

      Ron O and Pat have a history with court reporters. Little Lord Ron was named in a suit over the illegal use of electronic recording. Ronny lost and this move is just his and Pat’s revenge.

  5. Twenty-one Court Reporters (including their two Supervisors) received layoff notices. Effective October 3, 2011, ACSC will be closing its doors to the public at 2:30 p.m. Of course, none of this information was passed on the the employees. Typical.

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  7. The majority of trial courts are going to go belly up this fiscal year and the rest next fiscal year. Payroll and fringes makes up the vast majority of each trial court’s budget. It’s not pretty but that’s the way it is.