Domino Watch: Tehama County Superior Court

The news from Tehama is not good.

“We did not even know exactly what our budget would be until nearly a month after the beginning of the fiscal year,” Scheuler said. “Now that we know that figure, we are certain that we will experience a massive deficit without even further spending cuts.”

Employees will be asked to make further concessions, and layoffs have not been ruled out, he said. Labor negotiations will open in August, and after they are completed the court will have a better idea of the necessary changes that need to be made to meet the budget crisis.

One response to “Domino Watch: Tehama County Superior Court

  1. Ah, no offense Tehama, but that has been the same BS senario from the AOC during bad OR good times. Usually the courts don’t receive or barely know their allocations until October. This FY was FAST! compared to the last several years…
    Besides that, good luck to you. This whole thing sucks.