Greece Is To San Francisco What Portugal Is To…

Bill Girdner of Courthouse News Service totally understands the possible consequences of the Judicial Council’s choice to stay the course while ignoring the cries for help from county courts up and down California.

San Francisco’s court could be compared to Greece, the first of the dominos to tumble.

“San Francisco may have been the first trial court to fall,” San Francisco’s presiding judge, Katherine Feinstein, told the Judicial Council last week. “But I know that others are soon to follow, and you know that too.”

So which one is next.

Which court will be California’s Portugal, the next one that has to take radical measures such as closing courtrooms and laying off hundreds of staff.

Maybe Ventura fits that bill.

And although Mr. Girdner names Ventura as a possible candidate to become Portugal or Spain, I can think of many other counties that would be up for the running.

Judge Feinstein was spot on to say that San Francisco would only be the first to fall with others “soon to follow.” Now it’s going to be a favorite pastime for court employees to take bets on which court will follow San Francisco down the rabbit hole to the AOC and Judicial Council’s mad Wonderland.

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