JC Appoints Ronald Overholt to Replace William Vickrey

During last Friday’s meeting in San Fracisco, the Judicial Council chose Ronald G. Overholt, currently Chief Deputy Director of the Courts, to be the interim successor to William C. Vickrey who is stepping down from his post as

In a press release issued by the AOC, Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye had this to say about Ron’s appointment:

“With this appointment, the Judicial Council is ensuring an integrated transition of leadership at the Administrative Office of the Courts and the continuity of excellence in the administration of statewide courts.”

Hmm..I think there are a lot of people out there who would beg to differ, Chief. Instead of “continuity of excellence” some would argue it’s a continuity of the same old song and dance of appointing diehard bureaucrats who continue to push a reality that has nothing to do with what is going on in California’s courts.

Judge David Lampe of the Alliance of California Judges had this to say about the appointment:

Kern Superior Court Judge David Lampe, serving as a spokesperson for the Alliance of California Judges yesterday expressed some concern that Overholt “has been closely tied to AOC policies in the past,” but emphasized that the group’s criticisms of existing branch management dealt with “structural issues,” and “has nothing to do with personalities or individuals.”

Lampe predicted that “whoever is ultimately chosen as the new director will undoubtedly be required to oversee a significant dismantling of the Administrative Office of the Courts,” and is “going to have to be dealing with changes,” such as the direct funding of trial courts by the Legislature proposed in AB 1208.

Well, all I can say is, Ron, you’re going to be in for an incredible term. And I believe you should heed the advice given by the lady below.

One response to “JC Appoints Ronald Overholt to Replace William Vickrey

  1. Spot on AOCW and Ron O has been Eve and now he must face his own version of Eve. If the ACJ and other folks continue to speak out, yes, it will hopefully be one very bumpy ride.