Domino Watch: Solano County Superior Court

Initial news from Solano County paints a picture of a court that’s taken a hit, but appears to be prepared for it.

According to Court Executive Officer Brian Taylor, Solano County Superior Court’s baseline budget of about $25.5 million is set to take a $2.5 million hit. While that equates to about a 10 percent cut, Taylor said the disparity is attributed to an ongoing $1 million reduction carried over from fiscal year 2010-11 in addition to deficit spending for retirements clocking in at about $220,000.

How the funding loss will affect the landscape of Solano County’s courts is yet to be determined, according to Presiding Judge D. Scott Daniels.

“We’re going to have to tighten our belts. But we’re OK for right now,” Daniels said. “There are no present plans to furlough employees, close our doors or lay off employees. But we do have to plan for our future.”

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