Video of San Francisco Superior Court Protesting Cuts

The following is video produced by SEIU presenting employees of the San Francisco Superior Court who protested outside AOC headquarters on the 22nd of July.

4 responses to “Video of San Francisco Superior Court Protesting Cuts

  1. JusticeCalifornia

    AOC Watcher, thank you for your continuing coverage of the fallout from the July 22, 2011 AOC budget proceedings.

    And SEIU, thank you for calling out the AOC for the exorbitantly expensive, amazingly unprofessional CCMS, unlicensed contractor and other boondoggles that are negatively affecting CA courts, court employees, and the public, everywhere.

  2. JusticeCalifornia

    And in my last post, I called the July 22, 2011 proceedings “AOC” proceedings because that is what they were.

    The current version of the AOC, brainchild of Ron George, Bill Vickrey, Ron Overholt, and their assorted historically problematic minions, has claimed ownership of and dominion over the “biggest judiciary in the Western World”.

  3. I hope court staff keeps up the charge that the judges (excluding the AJC of course) are not willing to man up and do themselves. Bravo to the employees of SFSC!!

  4. SEIU and everyone else keep up the pressure on the JC/AOC.