Depleted Court Funds Leads to Diminished Access to Justice

Amanda Terkel of the Huffington Post has written a detailed examination of how access to justice is being impeded by slashed court funding. And the news in California may be horrible, but it’s just as bad in other parts of the country.

The article does cover how California’s legislature slashed funding for the judiciary which has affected state budgets with San Francisco bearing the brunt, for now. But what the article doesn’t cover is the years of wasted monies and mismanagement by the AOC that has led us here.

2 responses to “Depleted Court Funds Leads to Diminished Access to Justice

  1. Michael Paul

    Amanda Terkel relied on the AOC bought and paid for national center for state courts as her source with predictable results. New York courts have lost nearly 1,900 positions including judges in the last two years, most due to early retirement buyouts. What is different between California and all other courts across the nation is the availability of funding. Unlike all other courts across the nation, California has a cash cow in construction funding. Since all of this construction was envisioned at a time when the economy was charged, circumstances have changed but the vision hasn’t. California’s court leadership is unnecessarily, aviodably cannibalizing itself.

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