Judicial Council Pulls Plug on CCMS…My Work Here Is Done

In a stunning turnabout from the position that the Judicial Council has regularly taken regarding CCMS, today the judicial members of the Judicial Council voted to halt implementation of the much maligned and criticized CCMS software program.

From the Courthouse News Service:

Ultimately, the council found the courts as a whole could no longer afford to support the project and decided to allocate $8.6 million to shelve the Court Case Management system and salvage any useful technology from it, including the ability for lawyers to file documents online.

In other words, the JC is mothballing the project and they’re suggesting that courts pick through the scrapheap to see if anything worthwhile can be salvaged from it. Oh my how the mighty have fallen.

But I come here today not to bury CCMS, and certainly not to praise it, but to remind everyone that CCMS cost California almost $500 million in the middle of the Great Recession with county courts shutting down courtrooms and courthouses, and layoffs sweeping the land. Is it any wonder that the JC finally got a clue? Even if it was two and a half years later?

I tip my hat to the original followers of Thetis from the AOC who let me know what was going on with CCMS back in 2009. And I salute the Alliance of California Judges for leading the fight against CCMS. And what can I say about Judicial Council Watcher? Those folks took an idea and made it better. While I got stopped blogging due to life commitments, they soldiered on creating a website that I encourage all to visit.

And as for me, although I know there are many more court-related issues that people are still waging battles over, (I’m looking at you AB1208) I am officially pulling the plug on this great venture I started almost three years ago. I wish everyone the best of luck and again, I encourage everyone to visit the Judicial Council Watcher.

Maybe I’ll see you around there in the comments section.  😉

2 responses to “Judicial Council Pulls Plug on CCMS…My Work Here Is Done

  1. Peppermint Pattie

    It all started with you, AOC Watcher. It will be a pleasure to have you join us over at the Judicial Council Watcher.

  2. JusticeCalifornia

    Dear AOC Watcher,
    As the original blogger in jammies you blazed a path and let us all know what was possible. Although the subjects of your posts were often deadly serious, I could not believe my eyes and often laughed out loud when I read what you were writing (a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down). Thank you for providing a wonderfully satirical and highly entertaining source of and forum for the cold, hard truth — and a way to share information, whistleblow and do what we each could to help clean house, while watching each other’s backs. My gosh, some of us were publicly and gleefully planning a demonstration against ron george on AOC Watcher at the very time he made his surprise announcement about his retirement.
    It was a huge loss when you had to take a time out, but you inspired others to pick up where you left off.
    JCW is constantly asking for guest writers to write posts, so I hope to see you there.
    Respectfully, JusticeCalifornia

    P.S. Sorry for going off topic at times. 🙂