What is the AOC?

So who and what is the AOC?  Well, AOC stands for Administrative Office of  the Courts and it’s the California government agency that oversees the running of the superior courts in California.  The agency was in existence in a much smaller form until California voters passed Proposition 220 in 1998 which sought to unify the municipal and superior courts in California into one entity.  Of course voters thought it was a good idea and passed it overwhelmingly.  What’s not to love?  Instead of two separate courts, we’ll have one!  It’ll save money!  It’ll be an efficient use of resources!!  Well, it didn’t go as planned.

Now the AOC is one of the largest California agencies with a budget that runs into the billions!  Monies from local county courts are taken by the AOC in order to run all of the courts it supervises in California.  And like any other agency that runs riot without supervision, the AOC now spends millions of dollars on questionable projects without any transparency as to how it spends the monies it collects.

But with this blog, I intend to post about how the AOC spends money and post links to other articles about the AOC.  As the saying goes, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

And if you want to learn more about how the AOC describes themselves, just click here.

You can reach the AOC Watcher at aocwatcher@yahoo.com.

One response to “What is the AOC?

  1. W/o taking a position on the effectiveness or efficiency of the AOC & w/o having an opinion as to whether the AOC should be audited, I am compelled to observe the ridiculousness of the “rule of thumb’:

    An agency’s budget goes from $1,000 to $2,ooo: audit triggered.

    An agency’s budget goes from $1 billion to 1.9 billion: no automatic audit triggered.


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