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Dire Predictions for Courts in 2010

2010 hasn’t begun yet and already people are predicting some very dire things happening to state courts next year. In an article printed in today’s Daily Journal, judges from up and down the state shared their thoughts on how bad things are going to be. The consensus? If you thought this year was bad, be afraid about next year. Be very afraid.

Judge Michael Paul Vicencia

“We’re going to see another year of cuts,” said Judge Michael Paul Vicencia, president of the California Judges Association. “How bad that will be remains to be seen.”

“We’re into the bone now,” he said. “There’s no more fat left. Hopefully, some of last year’s cuts will be restored but if not, I think the leaders of our court here in Los Angeles and the leaders of all 58 trial courts are going to have to make some very difficult decisions.”

Judge Charles “Tim” McCoy

“Next year is going to be worse. The following years won’t be better. It’s going to take two to three years for the government to pull us out of it.”

Drew Soderborg, Legislative Analyst’s Office fiscal and policy analyst

“We have a $20 billion budget problem, even if our spending doesn’t change at all in the coming year,” he said. “It would be really unlikely that the Legislature would be in a position to restore funding for the courts unless they were able to find savings elsewhere within the courts.”